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Jacob the hedgehog


Name: Jacob Romer the hedgehog

Nick Name: Jay

Age: 16

Species: Hedgehog and Chipmonk

Type: Skill

Tribe: The Guardian Hedgehog tribe

Elemental Powers: Can cancel out any monster gem born power, can control dark purple plasma energy from the earth

Occupation: helps out the Vexian delivery service

Love interest: Mai the cat


Reincarnated ancestor: Marcus the Hero

Ancient relatives: Halo and Apocalypses (The Hedgehogs of Kron)

Grandfather: Former the Hedgehog

Personality and ect..Edit

Personality: Jacob isn't cocky and believes that he is always in the right when it comes to helping others.

Quotes: "Im here to help"

         "Your way isn't always the best way "


Jacob wears a yellow jacket and has blue highlights in his hair. He has red fur unlike the rest of the tribe who are grey or a dark forest color. He has sky blue shorts with red and grey sneakers.


Jacob is considered to be the reincarnation of Marcus the hedgehog who was the first Guardian hedgehog tribal leader and member. Thus Jacob has been trained and raised to be the next leader because his presence means that once again Vexia will be in turmoil by the release of the Kron brothers and only he can stop them. this idea of a new apocalypse scared the tribe so some members murdered Jacobs parents when he was little and they were close to kill him!. He was raised by the tribal-leader who is his grandfather. He raised him to be a good leader and fighter when he grows up. On his 15th birthday Jacob was allowed to leave and see the world. He lives in Vexian city for now at Rodny's place. He works at the Vexian delivery service and vows to change his tribe and the world for the better good.

Tribal History: The Hedgehog Guardians and MarcusEdit

The Guardians of the two stones held on the Vexian shrine are the descendants of Apocalypse and Halo's brother Marcus. After his parents sealed the two hedgehogs in stones he set out on a plan that his family's descendants would protect and watch the stones for all eternity. The Guardian Hedgehog tribe consists of non monster gem users. They all however have the power to cancel out the monster gem's power making them a very rare tribe with an amazing ability. They keep outsiders out and don't like anyone trying to trespass. The tribal elders are the only ones in the tribe that can actually turn The Hedgehogs of Kron back to stones if they ever are freed. Marcus was the only one who could actually fight and last a battle with his brother's which makes him a vexian hero. In the ledgens an rencarnation of Marcus will rise to save vexia once again from the Hedgehogs of Kron.


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