Kira and Chira

Kira's redesign (base was used) and her Chao Chira

Name: Kira Sulnon Foxworth

Nick names: Kiry

Species: Fox (the vexian Northern species)

Age: 15

Type:  Fly and Skill

Home: Her Lab in the forest mountains of Mallor

Tribe: The Small Fang tribe (Western Fox clan)

Elemental powers: Can control Ice

Weapon(s): Inventions she creates and her ice knives

Type of Combat: Long range attacks using her tail and knives

Occupation:  Works at a Vexian car mechanic shop

Love Interests:  No one (people tease her with liking Mohari though)

Likes: Her inventions, Thunder Punch's company, Blue Jay helping her out, chocolate chip cookies, her goggles, Sky gear, to help others

Dislikes: Dr. Eco, Inari The Eastern Fox, Having to stop work on her inventions, being used, Mohari ignoring her, given way too much work, and being used for her talents, being under estimated.



She can control ice and snow. She also is great with inventions and sometimes gives Blue Jay a run for his money.


Tribal History: The Small Fang Tribe (Western Fox Clan)Edit

This tribe of foxes are the only ones who inhabit Mallor mountain ranges. It is a very cold and desolate environment up there and these foxes are one of the few last remaining Ice elemental Vexians.

History/Back StoryEdit



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