Lemony the butterfly


Name: Lemony Fay

Nick Name: Yellow

Age: 11

Species: Butterfly/Vexian

Type: Fly

Home: Vexia City

Tribe: None (was born in Vexian City)

Occupation: None

Love Interest: None

Teams: Team Sun and Team Insect

Pesonality ect...Edit

Her Personality: She is always smiling and looks for the good in every body. She is mimi's best friend and follows her around. She canget mean and when she does get ready for her!

Famous Sayings: Isn't it a wonderfull day to day, Lets find T.P mimi!


Father: Beater Fay

Mother: Danielle Fay (deceased)

Attire Edit

She wears a yellow and pink striped dress, has blond hair and purple wings.


(to be added)


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