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Mia the cat


Name: Mai the Cat

Full Name: Mai Say Leo

Age: 17

Type: Speed

Elemental power: She can control blue fire

Occupation: Works at a maid cafe

Likes: Modeling, new shoes, boys, and hanging with Hanna

Dislikes: Jacob and T.P fighting, Dark Storm, Mimi, braking a nail

Love Interest:  loves (owns) Jacob


Father: Leroy the lion

Mother: May the cat

Sister: Mazzy the cat

Brother: Allen the lion

Personality and ect...

Personality: Mai is bold serious at times. She acts really inisint when shes obviously not. Mai loves modeling and hopes to become Vexian City's greatest model. She loves to mess with T.P and Jacob. She's the "man" of the relationship with her and Jacob. When she wants to states something it is stated and she doesn't talk jokes towards her likely.

Quotes: "I can't believe you would think like that of me" and Jacob! Let's Go!"


Mai wears a white school shirt with a red tie. She has blue fur and silver moonlit eyes. She has a light orange skirt and pink leggings. She also has grey slip on shoes with a yellow stripe on them.

History (to be finished)

Tribal History: The Mufari Cat tribe of the East  (to be finished)


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