Mohari the Ferret

Mohari the Eastern Ferret


Name: Mohari Hatara

Age: 17

Species: Ferret (eastern species)

Type: Speed/Fly

Weapon(s): small katanas, star shuriken, paper bombs, and knives

Type of Combat: silent and planned attacks that are almost 100% accurate

Birth place: Eastern Vexian Territories

Home: Fast Foot Clan Palace

Occupation: Ninja/assassin/messenger

Likes: his clan, his people, friends, honor,

Dislikes: treachery, steeling, lies, other hostile clans, war, the fire foxes, Inari, western influence


Mohari has green fur and dark green hair. His fur highlights are grey and he has yellowish green eyes. He wears a yellow bandana and he has a ponytail. Mohari has grey eye shadows and black slits underneath his eyes. He wears a dark grey ninja suit and wears bandage straps on his feet, ankles and arms. He wears two yellow rings on each ankle and wrist and always carries a weapon on him at all Tim's.


Mohari is very honorable and always finds wisdom in the old ways. He's very prideful and witty. He puts his honor and family above all else and is very loyal to his tribe's princess. Mohari hates outsiders and despises westerners and western style teachings. When Mohari is on his duty he is very silent and shows no emotion.

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