Narcro the Dark Echidna

Narcro: Do you feel the darkness now?

" I live to see you suffer in the shadows of darkness" Narcro


Name: Narcro Darkenson

Nick name: none

Age: 19

Type of combat: Closes combat

Weapons: two black bladed Kukri

Tribe: Dark Echidna tribe

Species: Echidna

Elemental powers: Dark matter (ability Life drain)

Likes: Darkness, his tribe, Shadow Kron, Norman,to kill, make people suffer

Dislikes: authority, Dark Void, Dark Storm, Ebony, his step mother


Father: Norman Darkenson

Mother: Dayanna Darmay (desesed when he was born)

Step-Mother: Meyomel Darkenson

Step-Brother: Rodrick Darkenson (Dark Storm)


Narcro hates all other tribes. He is very prideful to his tribe and will not tolerated other species. Narcro is sly and cheerful, he rather trick his foes that to battle head on. He believes that there is no such thing as a fair fight and will easily attack children, women and the elderly. Narcro especially hates Dark Storm and Ebony for personal reasons. He is mentally insane and will brutally attack people with a smile on his face.



Tribal History: The Dark Echidna TribeEdit




Stories/ Events involved inEdit

Rise of The Dark Echidnas: Dark Storm's memories of Sorrow RP



Fun FactsEdit

  • Was created by Sovash's cousin
  • He used to love Dark Storm as a brother
  • Hates Ebony for liking Dark Storm. (would rather kill her first)
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