Waz up Man, Ya lookin at a Guardian here-



Name:  Octavius Mollerious

Nick Name: Octo

Age: 15

Species: Blue-ringed octopus

Tribe: Aqualora City (he's part of a rare clan of octopuses called the Eight Waves)

Elemental Power: Water

Type of Combat: Long range fighting styles, mostly relies on his environment and his water abilities

Weapon: His tentacles can be used to wrap around and throw/slam enemies. He also caries a Portugal staff made of a coral like substance that's as hard as titanium.

Type: Special/Power

Occupation: Guardian of the Water Monster Gem

Team: Team Monstrosity, Team Current

Likes: Water, his clan, his friends,

Dislikes: being guardian, abandoned, left out, fire users, "land walkers way of things"


Octo is fairly shy and knows very little of the surface world. He has a big heart and cares for everyone. He is a bit of a jokester and is anything but a ladies man.

Attire == he wears a green vest and sandals. He has aqua pears on his ankles and wears a water world orb around his neck to increase his water control (and it lets him breath on land and use water attacks anywhere).


Octo was born November 5th and was the only one in his clutch to hatch. Octo didn't know his father but he had his mother. She was the guardian/pretests of the Water Master Gem. One day she got sick due to swimming in polluted waters trying to save Octo from the poison. When she died Octo became the next water gem guardian. He was given special training by the strongest octopus in Aquaria. His name was Dormo, the  last of the giant pacific octopuses. He trained the small mollusk at the age of 7. One day Aquaria was attacked by Dr. Eco's aquatic mutants; they lost but the sea and oceans were greatly polluted and many people died by the disease known as Black Current. Dormo was a victim but lived the rest of his life to train and raise Octo into his teenage years. He died when Octo was 13 and left him with a sacred treasure known as the Worldly Water Orb, a treasure created by a sea wizard inorder for land and sea vexians to have greater connection together. Octo from then on lived out his life to help the city....until a cretin yellow friend entered his life.





Fun FactsEdit

  • Octo's world is based off of Atlantis
  • Octo is the only non mammalian vexian who is Guardian of a Master Gem
  • He's based off a Jamaican friend of mine. His tentacles actually act as dreads as well.
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