Volco Arm re-done

Volco Re-designed

Volco is Fire Arm's and Thunder Punch's little brother and loves to follow them around. He is the only child of Inferna and Coal to be raised up to be the next Tribal leader. He's also engaged to the leader's daughter Flair


Name: Volco Arm

Age: 9

Tribe: fire Hedgehog Tribe

Element: Fire

Type: Skill

Occupation: Next tribal leader scholar

Birth Place: Inferna Palace

Likes: Fire, Thunder Punch, Home Work, Reading, Fire Arm, The history of the Monster gems, & new information.

Dislikes: Flair, losing his papers, People being stupid, not being able to go on adventures, his brothers fighting, and Dr. Eco

Love Interests: None (even though he is engaged to Flair)


Mother: Inferna Arm the Fire Hedgehog

Father: Coal Arm the Fire Hedgehog

Older Brother: Fire Arm the Fire Hedgehog

Adopted older brother: Thunder Punch the mongoose

Skills Edit

Volco hasn't had any training in martial arts. Like most Fire hedgehog he can use fire to his advantage but his skills rage from starting camp fires to sneezing lava. He is however very knowledge able of the history of the monster gems and the tribal history making him reliable in ancient ruins.


Volco is deeply afraid of the dark and is...well pretty useless in fighting


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Fun FactzEdit

  • Volco as you may presume is a name meaning Volcano. Funny how his name means one of the most destructive natural fire causes in the world and yet he can hardly produce flames
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